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A Review About Youtube

A social media platform and online video-sharing platform globally is youtube. The headquarter of youtube is in San Bruno California. Youtube was launched globally on 14 February 2005.

Youtube is recognized by Google and it is the most visited website in google searches. More than 2.5 billion users are on youtube who watch more than one billion videos each day. Youtube permits users to upload videos of the type of content they like and the rating of the video occurs through likes and dislikes. Sharing of the videos, comments on videos according to video content, and reporting the video channel. The subscription occurs through the users’ rate of the video and the channel.

Significance of youtube

As youtube is a platform used globally as it has a lot of importance in many senses. Youtube provides its users with a lot of facilities for earning and building their platform to show their skills and make money. It helped the users in education and entertainment. The video lectures provided by some skillful people help in learning about any educational purpose. The entertainment occurs through videos of different kinds uploaded on youtube. Anyone who wants to enjoy can watch the videos of his desire because the selection of content is based upon the user.

The platform for video sharing

Youtube created a more authentic system where people can share their views and content in which they are skillful through online service without any restriction. It made an amazing way to share the videos internally and distribute them globally. The people on youtube win the world through their skill by making beautiful videos and clips of different content either for learning or enjoyment. They share their videos with youtube content creators which spread the video globally.

The rating of the videos occurs by the users who watch the videos and give a reaction either in the form of a like or dislike, by commenting on the video, by subscription the channel, or reporting the channel.

Monetization of channel

A benefit of youtube is that the creator can earn money through his video production. It gave me a chance to the user to build the platform as partner programming. This program permit the user to earn money through this site by sharing their videos and making their careers through you tube app.

The companies pay the users who post the videos on youtube according to their monthly subscription as their official partner. The subscription and the views of the videos depend on the real content which increases the value and the user can earn money by this method.

Make money through Youtube

The advertisement from companies for their product selling occurs through youtube. The companies pay for their advertisement and it’s a primary way to make money through this site. The other way of youtube earning is a monthly subscription to the channel which the companies pay their professional partner.

Built creative users

Youtube is a social media platform where a lot of users share their content in different styles. The contents may be the same or different but the way of performance is different throughout. The contents related to education or entertainment depend upon the user’s interest. The rating of the video depends upon the content and the way of presentation. If the content is authentic and interesting but the way of presentation is poor then the rating is very low. The content creators boost themselves to make their best performance and apply unique ideas to make their content superb. Creativity increases when the user wants to be prominent globally and his efforts made it possible.

Vast media library

As youtube is known for its large user base, another boosting point of youtube is its immense media library. A lot of videos are uploaded on this site every minute. The user can find anything about his desire. The powerful search engine is provided by youtube to find the demanded content you are looking for. A lot of videos of different kinds as funny, educational, social media videos, presentation videos, sales videos, and video ads. These all contents help the user to find the solution to their problem by using this site.

Youtube helps in the regard to change the world

Some time ago, people were not aware of the products that were launched in the market and never made their best decision to choose the best product. Through this site, the marketers used the video audition to enhance their product visibility. The awareness is increased through the video which increases the marketing of that product.

The users get the wonderful chance to make their community where they share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The people who seek knowledge about anything can learn from youtube. The user can learn any skill without any investment and being skillful.

On youtube, the user can build his platform without spending his time, money and other expensive apparatus. The most emerging platform that is used by users to become social in the world and build their career with a little investment by using skills and providing superb content. The content of the user makes it his identity.


In short, youtube is the best platform for learning. A skillful person can share his skill videos through it. It gives the best services and people use it to make money and boost their skills.

The platform is used for the advertisement of the product by the companies and pays for their advertisement. The best communication occurs through this platform. This is known to be the best educational and entertainment platform to help users in every situation.


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