Have you ever relocated before? If you answered yes, you’d probably agree that moving
heavy furniture and appliances is the most difficult part of relocating. You must not only
arrange your furniture, but also assemble it and then determine whether it will fit in your
new room. To say the least, it’s inconvenient. It is also one of the main reasons why
many people nowadays prefer to rent furnished homes.
Whether you rent a furnished apartment or a furnished house, you will avoid the stress of
transporting heavy furniture to your new home. In fact, it is regarded as one of the most
attractive rental property features. On the other hand, you’ll probably have to pay a little
more in rent each month because this facility
Before we get started, let’s define fully furnished apartments.


Fully furnished apartments for rent frequently include basic furniture such as a living
room sofa and coffee table, dining table and chair, bed and dresser, and basic kitchen
appliances and cabinetry. To help tenants, some units may include a washing machine,
dishwasher, and other electronic appliances. However, the items you receive when
renting furnished homes are largely determined by the landlord, the rent, and the overall
demand for the property in Pakistan.
Some furnished homes feature high-end furniture, plush carpets, cutting-edge lighting,
and cutting-edge kitchen appliances. Other units, on the other hand, may only include
basic necessities and décor.
You usually get what you see when renting furnished homes. Not to mention, you can
inquire with the landlord or your real estate agent about the items that will be included
with the rental. In fact, before you sign the rental agreement, you can request that they
provide you with a written.


Let’s look at some of the advantages of renting furnished houses and apartments.


One of the primary benefits of furnished apartments and houses is that you do not have
to spend money on new furniture.
When you move into a furnished apartment or house, you don’t have to worry about your
dining table fitting into the new dining area or (worst case scenario) not being able to

pass through the doors. Even if you measure everything beforehand, there is a good
chance that your current furniture will not fit into your new home or will not look nice.
This, in turn, will prompt you to purchase new furniture, which can be quite costly.
As a result, renting furnished homes allows you to save money upfront by not purchasing
furniture and other appliances.


Furnished home rentals are extremely popular among people looking for short-term
rentals. For example, if you need to relocate to another city for higher education or a
better job, you wouldn’t want to spend money on furniture and other necessities knowing
that you’ll be leaving in a few months or a year. The same is true for business
professionals who only intend to stay in one location for a short period of time.
If you must relocate frequently for any reason, renting a fully or semi-furnished apartment
may be your best option. Furthermore, the majority of people renting out their furnished
property are only looking for short-term tenants, so you won’t have to commit to the place
by signing a lease. 


Moving is, as previously stated, a difficult process. You must pack all of your belongings,
disassemble your furniture, transport all of the boxes to your new home, and then unpack
them for several days. Unpacking after moving into an unfurnished apartment can be a
stressful and exhausting experience. On top of that, you may have to pay exorbitant fees
to moving companies to assist you in moving heavy furniture up and down a flight of
stairs and then reassembling it all.
Moving into a furnished apartment or house is less expensive and takes less time. You
only need to pack your personal belongings and transport a few boxes to your new
location. There is no need to hire a moving company or solicit help from family and
friends. After you move in, all you have to do is put your clothes and other essentials in
their proper places, and you’re done!
Take a look at some critical mistakes to avoid when moving into a new place to ensure a
smooth transition. Check out our packing tips for your kitchen to make your move go
even more smoothly.


Because every coin has two sides, here are a few disadvantages of renting furnished
apartments and houses that you should be aware of before beginning your search.


This is an obvious choice.
A furnished apartment or house will almost certainly cost more than an unfurnished unit.
Even if you consider a semi-furnished apartment for rent, the cost will be significantly
higher than the alternative.
If you have perfectly good furniture and don’t mind hauling it to your new home, renting
an unfurnished apartment might not be a bad idea. Similarly, if you intend to rent a house
or an apartment for an extended period of time, investing in your own furniture would not
be a bad idea.
Living in an unfurnished apartment will allow you to save a significant amount of money
on rent each month.
Not to mention that you won’t be able to personalise the décor and will have to
compromise on the arrangement and layout of each room.


If you have children or pets, you can almost guarantee that the opulent-looking beige
sofa that came with the house will no longer be beige (or opulent-looking) in a few
weeks. You could break a chair by accident, your pet could scratch the wardrobe doors,
your child could break the top glass of the coffee table, and someone could spill juice or
coffee on the couch. When you move into a furnished home, you are responsible to your
landlord for every item you use.
In such cases, you will be required to repair or replace the damaged furniture, or pay a
fine to your landlord for failing to maintain the property. Given the high monthly rent,
these extra expenses will only strain your wallet and deplete your savings.


The manufacturer’s warranties for various appliances and fittings are one of the main
reasons why people prefer to move into newly constructed houses over older ones. If you
plan to rent a furnished home, you may not be the first tenant to live there.
The most common concerns about furnished homes are the quality of furniture and
appliances, as well as their current condition. Because such properties command high
rents, you must ensure that everything is in working order and not falling off its hinges (so
to speak). You should also inquire with the landlord about the warranty status of any
electronic appliances installed in the home.


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