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An overview of LumBuy Turkish lamps history

Turkish lights have a long history dating back to 5,000 years ago, which gives them a lengthy history. Today, we would like to show off our collection of Turkish lights.

These lampshades are made up of varying-sized crystal bits that form appealing shapes and are round. They are inspired by the lighting and decorations of the palaces of the once powerful sultans.

A lamp made in Turkey is entirely handcrafted and characterized by the intricate metalwork and the multitude of colors used in mosaic-forming tiny crystals.

Since its earliest days, this method has evolved. It began by combining ceramics, metal, and glass or plaster, resulting in lamps with mosaics.

It is composed of a brass metal component and two-layered balloons. The first sphere consists of a glass sphere covered by a second glass sphere that forms the final mosaic. No two Turkish lights are exactly alike; each is unique.

Each Turkish lamp has a unique mosaic pattern on its shade and a very distinctive color palette.

Turkish lamps are an alternative to the usual decorative choice for residential and commercial areas. The company offers various lamps, such as ceiling, floor, table, wall, ceiling, chandeliers, etc.

The dazzling light impact Turkish lamps produce when lit is one of the most awe-inspiring things about them.

Uses of LumBuy Turkish lamps

LumBuy Turkish lamps were traditionally crafted from opulent metals and precious stones, modified for modern décor.

This type of lamp complements a wide range of interior design styles today, mainly if you want to display color in a room in an attractive way since it always draws the eye. Adding an eastern flair to foyers, basements, rural areas, or living and dining rooms is a great way to use them.

The ambient light encourages relaxation and repose. With the light on, the colored mosaic pattern produces a variety of reflections. Inspired by the hues of precious stones from the Mediterranean, these hues evoke pleasure and invigorate any space.

The distinction between LumBuy Turkish lights lies in the quality of these stones. Their brilliance and reflections are easily recognizable as high-quality Turkish light, which sets them apart from simple trinkets.

An eclectic mix of styles is personalized with each decorative element, for which Turkish lights are an ideal complement because of their ageless nature.

Adding a Turkish lamp can be a memorable addition to any traditional setting. Table lamps can be adjusted to various positions, while lanterns can illuminate and add color to the room.

The unique lighting of pubs and restaurants, which gives them an inviting appearance, is also highly valued. Suitable for themed world cuisine, cafes, and modern breweries, since they adapt unexpectedly and stand out from other establishments of the same type.


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