Coin cell batteries are frequently the preferred option for tiny gadget power because of their convenient size and small footprint. However, there are different types of coin cell batteries so it is somewhat difficult which we should use. We shall contrast the DL2032 with the CR2032 coin cell batteries in this post. In this post, we will discuss the details differences between dl2032 vs cr2032.


Small, rounded batteries called con cells are used for powering different devices like key fobs, remote controls, and watches Due to their form, which resembles a coin, these batteries are known as coin cell batteries. Coin cell batteries are frequently employed due to their compact size, lightweight, and extended shelf life.

Two of the most common coin cell batteries on the market are DL2032 and CR2032 batteries. Despite the fact that they are mostly the same but there are many differences between cr2032 vs dl2032.

2. What are Coin Cell Batteries?

Small, button-shaped batteries known as coin cells are frequently used to power portable electronic devices. Due to its form, which resembles a coin, these batteries are known as coin cell batteries. Coin cell batteries are frequently found in low-current-draw gadgets like watches, calculators, and remote controls.

Different sizes and chemistries are available for coin cell batteries. Alkaline, lithium, and silver oxide chemistries are the most frequently used chemistries in coin cell batteries. The device it is powering determines the battery’s chemistry and size.

3. DL2032 Battery: Overview and Specifications

Small electrical gadgets frequently employ the lithium coin cell battery, designated as the DL2032. The battery has a 3-volt, 220 mAh capacity. The DL2032 battery is 3.2mm thick and 20mm in diameter. It is a high-capacity battery that can power different small devices large-capacity battery that can power portable electronics for an extended period of time.

4. CR2032 Battery: Overview and Specifications

A typical lithium coin cell battery for tiny electrical devices is the CR2032 battery. It has a 3-volt battery with a 225mAh capacity. The CR2032 battery is 3.2mm thick and 20mm in diameter. It is a large-capacity battery used to power different portable modules

5. dl2032 vs cr2032: Comparison

Capacity and Voltage

Both the cr2032 va dl2032 batteries have a 3-volt voltage and a capacity of about 220-225mAh. This indicates that the power output of tiny electrical devices can be compared between the two batteries.

Size and Weight

The DL2032 and CR2032 batteries come with some small weight,  20mm dia and 3.2mm in thickness. They are thus interchangeable in the majority of devices.

Shelf Life and Operating Temperature

The shelf life of DL2032 and CR2032 batteries is a considerable 8–10 years. Their operating temperature range  is -20°C to 60°C but can be used in different conditions

Applications of DL2032 va CR203

The batteries DL2032 and CR2032 are frequently found in comparable gadgets including watches, calculators, and key fobs. The kinds of devices that they work best with vary slightly, though.

In gadgets that need a higher power output, like electronic toys and games, digital cameras, and handheld GPS devices, DL2032 batteries are preferred. CR2032 batteries, on the other hand, are ideal for gadgets that need a lesser power output, such as remote controls, automotive key fobs, and glucose meters.

6. Which One Should You Choose?

Depending on the kind of gadget you’re using, you should decide between DL2032 and CR2032 batteries. The DL2032 battery is a better option if your gadget needs more power output. The CR2032 battery is a better choice if your gadget requires a lesser power output.

It is significant to note that the two batteries are interchangeable in most devices and have similar specs. Before changing the battery, it is always advised to review the manufacturer’s recommendations. follow for more

How to Care for Your Coin Cell Battery?

Although coin cell batteries have a long shelf life, they can eventually lose their charge. Store your battery away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry location to maximise its lifespan. As using a low-charge battery can harm the device it is powering, it is also crucial to replace the battery when it is low.


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