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How Can You Choose the Perfect Living Room Curtains?

The living room is used for family gatherings and people love designing it according to their preferences and needs. It should be designed following the trend and interior theme needs. You will find various options in the market to dress up your windows, like curtains, drapes, or blinds. There is a clear difference between these window treatments, and they should not be interchanged and the reasons we are explaining ahead. 

Because window curtains cover almost an entire wall, they can alter the interior design of your place so always think twice before investing in curtains. Besides their aesthetic value, they enhance the functionality of any space by providing insulation, protection from sunlight, and privacy. Their functionality depends upon the fabric choice. To choose the perfect living room curtains, this guide by Curtains Dubai will provide the ultimate guide. 

Essential Things To Consider

Below are some necessary things to consider before deciding on your living room window styling.

  1. Difference Between Curtains & Drapes

The first thing is that you should know their difference to eliminate any confusion because when purchasing, you will come to know various window treatment options that are used for different purposes. 

  • The drapes are made from thicker fabric like damask and velvet, providing privacy, blocking sunlight entry, and providing better insulation. Because of the thicker fabric, they are not easy to clean. So, regular maintenance will be helpful. 
  • The living room window curtains are usually made from lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, and polyester. They can transform your space and filter the sunlight. Because of their fabric, they are easy to clean and allow the entry of gentle breezes. 
  1. Lined & Unlined Option

You will have an option of lined and unlined style while choosing your living room. Sometimes, curtains have an additional lining layer attached. For privacy and light-blocking purposes, choose the lined option; while unlined curtains are without any lining, they are lightweight and easy to clean. 

  1. Take Proper Measurements

Now you understand the different window treatments and lined and unlined options. The next step is to take the proper measurements of your window frame using a measuring tape. Follow these measurements for curtain purchase; this step will reduce the possibility of the wrong curtain size. 

  1. Choose The Right Fabric

Choosing the suitable fabric can be a daunting task for the perfect living room curtains. There are various fabric options. Below are some fabric choices that you can select for your space.

Cotton: Cotton is a lightweight fabric. They give your space a classic and crisp look. To give them a fuller look, the addition of lining will be a good choice.

Polyester: Polyester fabric is a budget option and is easy to clean. The polyester fabric has no chance of wrinkles and crease lines. 

Velvet: The velvet fabric is an excellent option to give your place a luxurious, traditional, and comfy look. Because of its closely packed thread nature and heavy weight, velvet demands a proper maintenance routine to stay longer and luxurious. So, regular maintenance will keep them clean and will enhance their longevity. 

Linen: People prefer linen curtains for their living rooms because they are easily maintainable and come in a variety of patterns. Avoid using any harsh cleaning solution to add an increment to their lifespan. 

Silk: This fabric is lightweight but a little expensive. Also, it gives your space a glamorous look and is recommended for office interior styling.

  1. Select A Color And Prints

While choosing the living room curtains, it is tricky to select a suitable color and pattern. You will find various colors and patterns in the market, but deciding what should complement your space is recommended. 

You can get these curtains in solid colors and embroidered patterns at affordable rates in Dubai market. Solid curtain colors will transform a space into a more classy, sophisticated, and contemporary. In contrast, the floral or embroidered prints on curtain fabric will enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of your living area. Choosing light curtain colors will make your area look more spacious, while bright colors will give a bold and warm look to your space. 

  1. Invest In Accessories

Invest in decorative curtain accessories and trims because they not only support curtain functionality but also add appearance benefits. You can opt for the valances or pullbacks for them. Adding valances at the top will give an improved and complete look. 

Styles Availability

There are various curain styles you can choose from according to your preference. 

  1. Pleated Style

Curtains with pleated headers add a decorative but trendy interior-defining theme to your living rooms. You can also style this curtain styling with a modern or traditional interior touch.

  1. Cased Headed Style

This is also known as a rod pocket style made from lightweight material like sheer fabric. They are easy to handle and give your place a casual look. 

  1. Grommet Style

The grommet or eyelet curtain styling is mainly used for a modern and trendy look. Their rings support the curtain structure and also make it easily operatable.


Choosing the perfect living room curtains could be a challenging task when you want durability, style, and design. An excellent decision can transform the overall appearance of a place. You should consider fabric options, various styles, colors, and patterns to give your place an elegant and enhanced look. Investing in accessories could be a good addition for them.


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