How IT Can Help in Recruitment and Hiring?

The hiring process was very tough in past. It takes the month for hiring a person for any job position. Now the Hi-tech solution makes this work easy and fast. In this article, you will see how IT helps in the Hiring and Recruitment process.

The process of hiring candidates, seeking out for any vacant position. It is name as the Recruitment process. It is the complete process of hiring from start to job. Hiring is done to hire the employees for a job. In this process, the knowledge of a candidate and experience are take into account. Don’t hire inexperienced staff for the job. You can hire the internees, that you first tell them how to do work and then give them a job.  Hire a staff wisely; it will save your money and time.

Difference between Hiring and Recruitment:

Recruitment and hiring are the two separate terms. Hiring is done when there is any vacant position in a firm. While the recruiting is to attract the top talent to your firm. Digital Marketing Company Wah Cantt helps to do the promotion of your product. You can hire the right person for your job if you do proper recruiting. It is the continuous processes that don’t depend on the vacant position or the job openings.

Technology expands day by day. People are becoming lazy. But the work done by the advancement of technology saves them money and time. Processes are done in the seconds that were done in an hour in past. In old times, communication is a big issue. But now by sitting in your office, you can connect with any person in any corner of the world with just a click. In the process of recruitment and hiring technology also works a lot. Things have become easy and fast to do.

Steps of Recruitment Process:

Step 1: You need to first define the rules for the job. Identify the number of workers you require.

Step 2: Prepare the proper job description. Its title, Location, required qualifications, benefits, perks, compensation, and skills. Define the goals and responsibilities in clear form.

Step 3: Explain the geographical targeting area in detail, the proper recruitment methods. Some of the most common methods are social media, employee referrals, and video interviews. Create attractive ads related to the job. Share them on social media accounts.

Step 4: Shortlist the entrants for the interview. Try to take the first interview online. And then call the final selected candidates for the final interview.

Step 5: Issue the offer letter to the selected ones. Must check their references.

Step 6: Welcome the employee in your firm and make them feel good and motivated.

How does technology improve hiring and recruitment?

Some of the prominent works that IT does in the process of Hiring and recruitment are these:

Promotion of Jobs

Using social media accounts, promoting the list of jobs becomes very easy. Almost all in the world are using social media. The most famous social media platforms are Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and many more. LinkedIn is specially designed for job alerts and the work related to research. You can recruit highly qualified candidates. You can contact the candidates those having good potential. You can gather the cream for your future work plan. For the expansion of your business, you must use the different platforms don’t stick to one. Almost all the platforms are free but some of them are paid.

Use of Software for screening and filtering candidates:

In the past when the jobs are announced, thousand of CVs are submitted to the admin office. Then the Admin officer read all the CVs and then select some of them from these for interview. It was hectic & difficult work to do. Now the Application Tracking software is developed. In this, the applications are submitted online this collect and scan all the CVs. Only the CVs that fulfill the requirements of the job are further sent to the manager. This saves human time and energy. Applicants can do other work at this time. Time of the process from candidate to employee is reduced.

Enhancement in Interview Process

Technology grows very fast. The work of hours is now just complete in minutes. When the candidate application is selected. The next step is to do the interview. Now when the jobs are announced people send their CVs from all over the country. Even in foreign countries, job candidates apply. People travel for an interview. But now the Video interview is introduced. Before the final interview, the online interview is done. It saves the time for recruiter and the applicant.

The online interview may be one-way or two-way. In the one-way online interview, the candidate answers all the recorded video questions in the form of the video. Then send his/her video to the recruiter. It can be done at any time and is easy to do. On the other hand, in two ways video interview, the candidate and the interviewer both are online at the same time.

Different video calling platforms can be used for this purpose. It is a real-time interview. These kinds of interviews are also recorded by the recruiter. And then send to the head for the final selection. Most of the company are use the dedicated software. For the interview which is interview recruiting software. With this software, you can easily schedule the time and rank the system. The high scalability of the platforms helps streamline.

Onboard New Employees

AI-based virtual assistants are planned to welcome new employees. This thing makes the worker feel fresh and good. Motivate the employees to do hard work from the first day. By doing this, yield and custody increase. Help the staffs through the paperwork. Ensure they have the right to treaty and meetings.

Hi-tech plays an important role in today’s staffing process. Make your social profiles good and especially on LinkedIn. HR technology plays a crucial role in the strong atmosphere of company culture. Good means can make the company grows in a better way.


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