How To Pick the Right Kindergarten in Singapore?

Singapore, one of the most developed nations globally, boasts an exceptional level of education. This achievement is predominantly attributed to the robust academic foundation it lays. The initial stride toward a fulfilling career begins by making informed academic choices, commencing from the early years of kindergarten. 

Today, everyone recognises the necessary role that preschools play in ensuring that children have a good future. Having said that, picking a preschool is one of the most difficult responsibilities a parent undertakes when it comes to their child’s education.

In the process of choosing a preschool for your child, it’s crucial to take tuition fees into account. Furthermore, the school should provide programs with enjoyable activities that cater to the growing curiosity of a child.

Here, we highlight key factors to consider when selecting the best Kindergarten for your child.

1. Assessing School Personnel

The staff that a school employs is very important. Hence, it is normal for parents to inquire about the classroom teachers’ experience, their tenure with the kindergarten, and their prior experiences when visiting a school.

In certain cases, parents might even wish to make plans to have a brief conversation with the instructor who will most likely be teaching their child in class. It is advisable to notify the kindergarten of your request in advance.

2. Communication and report-making in kindergarten

Kindergartens are becoming more professional in their reporting and communication of progress.

International kindergartens employ a variety of resources in this matter. These may include daily planners and weekly newsletters which are sent to the parents. Some may also post pictures of the students and report on staff performance evaluations. Even regular school reports and school notifications help update parents on the happenings of the school. 

3. Thorough research and visit experience

When choosing the right kindergarten in Singapore, conducting thorough research and ensuring a positive visit experience is crucial. Start by exploring online resources, reading reviews, and seeking recommendations from other parents. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule visits to the kindergartens you’re considering. A well-informed decision will play a significant role in your child’s educational journey.

4. School History

If everything else were equal, parents would prefer a kindergarten that has a track record of success and has proven it can regularly meet their needs. It is a good idea to inquire about the curriculum being used and to give samples of a normal preschool day when you visit kindergartens.

This way, parents can understand the success record of the school’s previous students and can realise the potential of the school in laying a solid foundation for their child. 

5. Early Registration for Priority

Once parents have chosen their school of preference, it is a good idea for them to register as soon as possible because popular institutions frequently create waitlists. While parents are required to pay fees during registration, they retain the flexibility to choose to enrol their child in any suitable school. 

If they don’t sign up and decide later, they might not be able to acquire a spot at the kindergarten of their choice.

6. Play-Based Education Preschools

According to early childhood education specialists, kids learn best when they are actively immersed in activities that allow them to interact with other kids and their environment. Of course, playing is one of the activities they typically find engaging.

A curriculum that emphasises play encourages a child’s enthusiasm for proactive learning. Parents should demand that an international kindergarten be able to show that children are at the core of their philosophy.

A well-developed curriculum paired with a happy, safe, and secure atmosphere will offer the best foundation for children to begin their educational journey.

How much are primary school fees in Singapore?

Government preschools, private/international schools, and the Early Childhood Development Agency’s Operators are the 3 primary categories of preschools in Singapore. The Ministry of Education oversees government schools, which often charge very little tuition. Private and international preschools are run and owned by people or businesses, and their tuition is more expensive.

The services offered by the school, as well as the infrastructure and facilities, affect the primary school fees in Singapore. The cost of kindergarten is designed in accordance with the wide range of services it provides. The monthly cost of primary school fees in Singapore institutions ranges from $700 to $4,000.

Determining the right kindergarten is now easy!

Choosing the perfect kindergarten for your child is no longer a daunting task. With abundant information available online, and valuable insights from other parents, parents can make well-informed decisions. 

Take your time to research, visit, and ask questions to ensure the kindergarten aligns with your child’s needs and your expectations. This streamlined approach makes finding the ideal kindergarten an accessible and rewarding experience, setting your child on the path to a bright educational future.

Keeping these things in mind will make it simple for you to evaluate the goals of different Singapore kindergartens. Thus, it will assist in selecting the one that best suits your preferences and your family’s finances.


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