Importance of Electricity in Rural Areas

Rural electrification may not be a basic need. But according to a World Bank case study, we have multiple live examples of numerous rural areas. And we see that they have clearly improved lots of facilities with the help of electricity. Let’s not forget about the previous dull life of Americans complaining about their remote areas not being facilitated properly. And due to that they usually fall sick and meet their deaths. Not even Solar Solutions or anything that could fix their electricity shortage. But it all came into the world’s account when the World Bank revealed that rural electrification has a number of advantages. Following them include improved healthcare facilities, better health from cleaner air. That is a positive result of a decrease in the use of polluting fuels. Especially for lighting, heating, cooking, and improved knowledge through increased provision of adequate nutrition information through broadcast tv campaigns.

Describing the importance of electricity in Rural communities and we see that electricity brings more opportunities to them. It supplies power for commercial and industrial buildings, livability for residential properties, and benefits the areas it serves economically. Actually, Electricity has numerous positive effects on rural places. But since the diesel generator price in Pakistan has hit the edges of the seventh sky. The people there couldn’t constantly afford it with frequent fueling of it as well. But still there is no denying that electrifying rural areas can benefit in multiple ways. First, having access to power means that energy poverty is ended. Electricity availability in rural areas will result in shorter household working hours and the elimination of smoke-filled homes. The main thing is we can clearly observe a reduction in the manual labor required for food preparation. It will have an immediate positive effect on households, people, and the community.

Social and Economic Benefits 

With the help of electricity in rural areas, we get almost everything that helps the community thrive to make a good living with multiple enhancements. Some of the main social and economic advancements will be now discussed to elucidate more comprehensively. 

Biomedical Developments

Electricity accessibility has a significant impact on how well healthcare is delivered to inspect and cure the illness. Patients might wait longer to receive treatment thanks to better illumination. But at last, they also lose hope if they are not facilitated with the right treatment at the right time. Refrigerators can be used to preserve blood and extremely valuable vaccines. The adoption of high-tech devices like x-rays or ultrasound scanners are the fundamental tools to operate more smoothly. As they can give medical professionals the right choices that they need to accomplish, and sterilization procedures will be improved.

Let’s not forget about the 140 homes in Diara Rhashalpool – a collection of villages along the Ganges, without electricity. For medical care or access to immunizations, the villagers must cross the river in a 2- to 3-hour journey. Which was not even facilitated to them with vehicles. They have to struggle a lot to make a living. And then there comes the treatment. Which would be much more readily available to the local community if they had access to power. 

Enhancing Schooling Systems

Electricity availability facilitates long-term economic development of the society. By an improvement in academic performance. With the advent of LED lighting, students who were previously compelled to study during the day can now do it in the early morning or well into the night. This includes the students who work with their elders in farms during daytime. 

One of the biggest examples includes the interviews with school teachers in Kenya. It revealed that having access to light has made it possible to add extra hours of instruction. They can now cover content that cannot be sufficiently covered during regular hours. In addition, schools with access to electricity have been able to hire instructors of higher caliber. And test results and graduation rates have improved, increasing the human capital entering the labor force in the future.

More Vacancies in Jobs

When the infrastructure for the provision of power is developed, it is important to create a sufficient number of jobs in a variety of fields, including company development and construction. The development of new electricity infrastructure results in the creation of a significant number of employment and makes a contribution to the alleviation of poverty.

For instance, India set a goal to increase the country’s electrification through the installation of 175 gigawatts (GW). That will be through the energy sources that are supposed to be environmentally friendly by the year 2022. It is anticipated that creation of 3.5 million new employees would be necessary in order to accomplish these condescending goals.


This blog discusses the complete structure of a healthy community if provided the sufficient amount of electricity. Following the complex patterns but drawing a significantly fundamental lining to understand the economic needs of people. We have discussed how electricity in rural areas could benefit in expanding the credit hours of a schooling system. How better vacancies are allotted due to the sufficient supply of electricity. And how can a community strengthen itself with the biomedical developments to perceive ultra-modern healthcare tools and medicines.


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