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Kundli Online, also known as horoscope or janam patrika, is the structural life plan of an individual. It represents the position of the planets, stars, sun and moon at the time of your birth. Kundli is considered to be the most important document in astrology. Astrologers refer to your janama kundali to analyze, clarify and resolve issues affecting your personal and professional life. The twelve Kundli houses signify several aspects of the native’s life along with physical traits, interests and traits.

Birth Kundli charts, or Kundli as some call it, are really popular in astrology. These special documents show us where the planets were when you were born. It helps us predict our future based on their positions.

These prophecies cover various aspects of life such as love, career, health, financial management and even marriage prospects. Kundli creation is basically a crucial step for an individual to improve their decision making skills over time.

Why should you have a Janam Kundli or Kundli online Insights?

Astrologers create a birth chart or Janam Kundli by examining the exact planetary positions at the time of your birth. This analysis will reveal your sun sign, moon sign and other aspects. It is a mixture of predictions and charts that allow an astrologer to gain an insight into your future. It may indicate a period of intense struggle or a period when fortune will be abundantly on your side.

However, with the cultural transition, technology-based solutions are increasingly preferred. This shift has also permeated the Kundli creation process, making it more affordable, accessible and comprehensive. At Astroeshop, we prioritize the convenience of our large user community and offer them online birth charts. This allows everyone to gain a deeper self-understanding and plan their lives more effectively.

Some people question whether online kundli astrology is as accurate as traditional physical kundli. While getting a Kundli made by a astrologer is respected, online Janam Kundli Hindi is also accurate and impressive. In fact, an Astrology Janam Kundali can provide even more detailed information than a physical one.

Like traditional kundli created by Vedic astrologers, online kundli is also based on predictions made by astrologers. The primary difference lies in the delivery medium – it’s digital. This digital transformation of Kundli provides additional benefits like multilingual availability of information.

Online Free Kundli for Future Predictions?

Get kundli Online by date of birth

Uncover the Secrets of Your Future with Astroeshop Online Janam Kundli Hindi for Future Predictions! Our expert astrologers have created a comprehensive and authentic kundli that provides deep insight into various aspects of your life including career, love life, marriage, business and more. Considering the movement of all the planets in your life, from the past to the future, our Janam Kundli Online is a powerful tool for understanding the reasons for your current situation and what is to come. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty while exploring the possibilities of your future with Astroeshop Kundli.

Visit now and reveal the secret of your destiny!

How to Create Free Online Janam Kundli?

Creating your own Kundli online has always been challenging! With it’s smooth as butter

All you have to do is go to the ‘Kundli’ option on the website and provide the required information like your date and time of birth. The accuracy of this information is essential for accurate predictions. Once you fill in the details, click submit and within seconds you will have a detailed Janam Kundli that reveals a whole new dimension of information.

The Janam Kundli Online you get from Astroeshop is carefully created using scientific methods but presented in simple language so that you can understand it without any problem. However, if you face any difficulties or find it difficult to interpret the results, you can easily chat or call our expert astrologers who are always ready to help you.

But that is not all! Apart from providing Janam Kundli for personal use, Astroeshop also offers Janam Kundli matching services for those planning a wedding. Matchmaking Kundli is essential to ensure compatibility between the bride-to-be and the groom. Our expert astrologers can analyze the Kundli, provide information as to why they may or may not match and recommend remedial action if necessary.

Janam Kundli matching is also related to weapon matching which reveals how many gunas or qualities both individuals match. Marriages are traditionally fixed on this basis. A kundli match can also shed light on the impact of the Manglik dosha, a common astrological consideration in Indian culture, and provide means to mitigate its effects.

But wait, there’s more! Janam Kundli can come in handy in various situations, from understanding your strengths and weaknesses, predicting your future and seeking guidance in various aspects of life. So if you want to get your own Kundli, don’t hesitate to seek advice and services from our expert astrologers.

Take the opportunity to explore the secrets of your Kundli with Astroeshop! You can chat or talk with our astrologers and get online Janam Kundli reading, Kundli prediction and Kundali. You can also visit free Janam Kundli chart option on our website and get free personalized Janam Kundali option using our Kundli maker software.

We also offer free Kundali checking and Kundli prediction services.

How does our online Kundli Insights help?

Free personalized analysis

Our experienced astrologers prepare a customized Janampatri apart from your Kundli which is personalized and therefore identifies your strengths and limitations. Such messages help you improve as a person and also grow/develop your personality to a great extent.

Future insight

Your Kundli provides an insight into future events to help you stay prepared and plan ahead. It provides a thorough understanding of various life factors such as finance, love, marriage, career, family and relationships.

Immediate solutions and remedies

Your Kundli prescribes solutions and remedies customized for you. It helps reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in your Natal Chart, allowing you to better utilize the benefits ruled by benefic planets. For a more in-depth analysis, check out our Premium Kundli page for a detailed report.


You are at the right place if you are looking for free Kundli from trusted astrologers. Astroeshop offers 100% authentic and free Kundli prepared under the Guidance of World’s Famous Astrologer. This online Kundli gives insight into various aspects of your life including career, love life, marriage, business and more. It is nothing less than a traditional Kundli and can also be used for matchmaking and future predictions.

Astroeshop Kundli considers the movement of all the planets in your life from the beginning to 100 years in the future. This will help you understand your current situation and what is to come. If you need life clarification, online Kundli can guide you.


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