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Pakistanis Abroad: Whatsapp Groups for Staying Connected

If you’re living abroad and have some friends or family back home, then you can get connected through the use of WhatsApp group. If you’re from Pakistan, there are plenty of WhatsApp groups that are dedicated to keeping you in touch with your loved ones from Pakistan. Being away from people you care about can make you feel lonely at times, but these WhatsApp groups will help you connect with them easily, sharing photos and videos, talking to each other using text and voice messages, and even playing games together.

Pakistani Expats

People from Pakistan live all over the world, but still want to stay connected to their home country. WhatsApp groups are a great way for those living abroad to keep in touch with others from Pakistan. These groups can be made by anyone and are often private so that people can have more control over who they chat with and what they share. There are many different kinds of groups, like ones where people just chat or ones that focus on a certain topic, such as politics or sports.

Pakistani Students

Studying abroad is an experience that will change your life. Having friends from all over the world and being able to share a different culture with them is amazing. Plus, you get to explore a new country and have a lot of fun with your friends while still getting to graduate on time. But what if you don’t have any Pakistani friends at school? You can always join WhatsApp groups that have people from Pakistan! I’ve been in one before and it was great because I could talk about home with someone who understood where I came from. It was also really easy to make plans with them when I wanted some authentic Pakistani food!

Pakistani Professionals

Are you new to a country and want to stay connected with your friends in Pakistan? Here are some groups on WhatsApp that can help you do just that!

1. Pakistani Professionals – This is a group of professionals from Pakistan living abroad. They discuss professional matters and events happening in Pakistan.

2. Pak Friends- This is a group of people who have left their homes in Pakistan and live abroad. They share photos, videos, jokes and recipes from their home country to make others feel at home.

Pakistani Families

If you have family members abroad, chances are they may not have the same kind of connection to their home country that you do. They may not speak the language as well or know about the culture as well. However, there are many ways to stay connected with them and keep them in your life. One way is through WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp group link pakistan allow people from Pakistan living abroad to connect with other Pakistanis and talk about what’s happening in their home country. These groups also allow people from Pakistan living in Pakistan to learn more about what’s going on with their relatives abroad and follow what’s happening around the world.

Pakistani Friends

If you are from Pakistan then surely you would also like to join WhatsApp groups that have people from Pakistan. Many people living abroad want to talk to the people of Pakistan.

Many Pakistani expats around the world are very interested in Pakistani culture and want to learn about what is happening back home, as well as talk with their friends and family members who still live in this country. There are many such groups on WhatsApp that gather together thousands of members, all with one thing in common – they were born or raised in Pakistan.


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