Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Shares What is Capgras Syndrome in Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)?

When Lewy body dementia occurs, it can lead to various other conditions too. Capgras syndrome is one of these, explains Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi. According to this dementia specialist, it can cause a person to collect false, irrational, or incorrect beliefs. These beliefs can be harbored against the immediate family members. A patient with LBD tends to rely more on his or her close ones. When this syndrome develops, this reliability can increase but can be affected by delusions. Therefore, treating and managing the condition is important. Prior to doing so, there are several other things to be known such as its effects and symptoms.

Why Residents of United Kingdom Trusts Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi?

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi is a popular dementia care specialist in the United Kingdom. The residents living in the United Kingdom loves him a lot. He is usually known as Prabhi Sodhi, Praby Sodhi and Prabhi Sodhi. He gives proper treatment to the people living in the United Kingdom due to which he is known as trusted dementia specialist. He has cured many people in Abbey Healthcare where is also popular as Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare. 

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare Tells What does Capgras Syndrome Indicate?

Capgras syndrome indicates a belief. This makes a person believe that his family member, friend, or caregiver is an imposter. Due to this reason, this condition is also termed Capgras delusion. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare adds that it results in faulty identification of a person and further leads to other problems.

The following are the symptoms of this psychological condition:

  • Showing disbelief in loved ones
  • Experiencing anxiety
  • Changes occurring in behavior
  • Distorted reality

Why do Capgras Delusions Occur during Lewy Body Dementia?

During LBD, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi says that at some point in time, a person may start experiencing hallucinations. When they increase, Capgras syndrome can develop. In this condition, a patient may hallucinate due to various reasons. But when this syndrome gets developed, the occurrence of strong beliefs may further increase.

Note: This condition can persist not only due to LBD but other types of dementia as well such as Alzheimer’s.

Effects of this Syndrome on a Patient

Lewy body dementia is a challenging condition. Given that a person has developed Capgras delusions as well, looking after him/her can become more difficult.

  • The directions given by a caregiver may not be trusted by the patient.
  • As a result of this, arguments can take place.
  • The instances of aggression can increase, explains Mr. Sodhi.
  • Physical manifestations of anger may also be observed.

Is Treatment Available for Capgras Delusions?

While treatment is available for Lewy body dementia, medical help can be found for these delusions as well. According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, medications can be suggested by a doctor. They can help in controlling the symptoms and effects of Capgras syndrome. From time to time, evaluation can also take place, says the dementia expert.

Regular treatment and evaluation can be effective for finding out whether or not the condition of a patient is becoming better. Accordingly, the treatment can be modified.

Effective Ways to Manage this Syndrome during LBD

Opting for treatment is highly suggested. Along with this, managing Capgras delusions during Lewy body dementia is useful. As per the dementia specialist, Mr. Sodhi, this syndrome can persist. However, delusions can come and go. As they take place, certain ways can be used for their management.

  • Try to be patient when an episode is ongoing.
  • Show sympathy to the person. This should be done especially when false beliefs cause him/her to be afraid or anxious.
  • Avoid complex explanations since this syndrome can cause a patient to be confused.
  • Try not to correct her or him as it may be less useful during an episode.
  • Based on the advice of Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, avoid arguing with the person.
  • Assure him/her that you are available for helping but not for harming the individual.
  • Consider using music as a therapy to calm down a patient.
  • Likewise, you can refer to various other therapies suggested by a medical expert.
  • It is important to understand the feelings of those who are experiencing delusions because of LBD.
  • When the situation is very severe, you can try changing the focus from hallucinations to something else such as:
    • A creative activity
    • An engaging car ride

Key Takeaways

Capgras syndrome can make Lewy body dementia tougher to handle. But this may not be said in every case. The severity and frequency of delusions can differ. Likewise, the effectiveness of treatment can vary. How this syndrome is managed can help in determining the overall situation. Given that you are informed about this condition and its effects, you can gain better control over it.


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