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Amazon ( is the world’s larger online retailer and a well-known cloud service provider. Initially, started as an online bookselling company, Amazon has transformed into an internet-based business enterprise that is generally concentrated on assuming e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (Al) services.

Following an Amazon-to-buyer sales approach, the company provides a monumental products range and inventory, permitting customers to buy just about anything, which includes clothing, beauty supplies, gourmet food, jewelry, books, movies, electronics, pet supplies, furniture, toys, garden supplies, and household products.

Headquartered in Seattle, Amazon has individual websites, software development centers, customer service centers, data centers, and fulfillment centers throughout the world.

History of Amazon

Amazon begin on July 5, 1994, just as an online bookstore. Jeff Bezos, in partnership with his then-wife and not many workers, started operating the company from his garage in his rented home in Bellevue, WA. Bezos pay for Amazon with $10,000 of his own money to get things moving, and in a short time, the company was popular enough to go public in 1997.

What are the main successes of Amazon?’s success is due in part to its revolutionary business model, which permits consumers to buy any object from books to furniture to electronics online. The company has also been victorious in its attempt to expand behind its core retail business into other areas, like cloud computing and streaming media.

Notable Amazon goods and services

Amazon provides an ever-expanding portfolio of goods and services. Following is a list of its notable offerings.


  • Amazon Marketplace. Amazon’s e-commerce platform allows third-party wholesalers to showcase and sell their products adjacent to Amazon items.
  • Amazon Fresh. Amazon’s food store pickup and delivery service are nowadays accessible in nearly two dozen U.S. cities and a few worldwide locations. A grocery order can be placed by way of the Amazon Fresh website or the Amazon mobile app. Consumers can conversely get their groceries delivered or go to see the store for pickup.
  • Amazon Vine. Begun in 2007, Amazon Vine help out fabricator and publishers get a comment for their services to help shoppers make well-informed purchases.
  • Woot. Launched by Amazon in 2010, Woot permits limited-time offers and particular deals that rotate every day. This shop trademarks refurbished items, also new items that are low in stock. Prime members get free transportation.
  • Zappos. Amazon procure Zappos in 2009. This online retailer of shoes and clothing carries a wide range of varieties, which includes Nike, Sperry, Adidas, and Uggs.
  •  Merch by Amazon. This required T-shirt printing service allows sellers to create and upload their T-shirt designs for free and to be paid royalties on each and everyone sale. Amazon does the rest-from printing the T-shirts to delivering them to consumers.
  • Amazon Handmade. This platform permits artisans to sell handmade products to customers throughout the world.

Amazon AI services 

  • Amazon SageMaker. A thoroughly managed cloud machine learning program, Amazon SageMaker allows developers and data scientists to set up, train and install machine learning models for prognostic detailed applications.
  • Amazon Lex. This service for building informal connections into any application using voice and text is powered by the same mechanics as Alexa.
  • Amazon Polly. A text-to-speech service provider, Amazon Polly uses deep learning technology to change text into spoken audio. It involves 60 voices over 29 languages.
  • Amazon Rekognition. This software-as-a-service facial identification and scanning platform use a deep learning algorithm to process images and extract information from them.
  • AWS DeepLens. This programmable video camera allows developers to easily evaluate with machine learning, AI, and the internet of objects.
  • Alexa Voice Service. This data processing interface provides developers with a set of C++ libraries to add Amazon Alexa’s speech and other abilities to their demands and devices.
  • Amazon Transcribe. This service change speech to text speedily and correctly by using a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition.
  • Amazon Translate. Amazon Translate is a cloud service that can change large amounts of text written from one language to the other language.
  • Alexa Skills Kit. This software development kit allows developers to build skills or informal applications on Amazon Alexa.

Advantages of Amazon:

1. Many potential consumers are only focused on items accessible on Amazon.

2. Well-established Amazon partner program for affiliates.

3. By using the possibility, of shipping via Amazon you outsource your complete shipping logistics and the advantages of low shipping cost.

4. You don’t require your shop software.

5. More than 240 million Amazon customers throughout the world.

6. Amazon gives businesses the chance to inflate their offering into different markets.

7. From a realistic sense, starting to sell on Amazon is easy. In addition, it needs just 24 hours to prepare.

8. Without having to pay for other ads, there was a notable amount of traffic from the first minute

9. Immediate migration, great trustworthiness, and easy site conversation.

10. The promotion and ascendable are flexible.

11. Amazon AWS is a very improved facility of Amazon and it provides end to end approach.


Therefore, Amazon is the most fortunate online retailer in the world. It begin operating in 1994 and, for such a short period, attain significant outcomes. In the first place, it was meant for selling only books But in the period now it has a limitless variety of different products and is a leader in some of its categories. The key to Amazon’s successful outcome is its pricing strategy which is unique and based on the mixture of the two master plans, namely, the differentiation and the cost leadership strategy. The coming times for Amazon is very promising, as it will continue using its successful strategies and will focus on consumer service and revolutionary technologies, which is now more important than ever.


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