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Top 5 Audiobooks Of 2022

Are you a fan of audiobooks over traditional books? You are not, however, alone. Audiobooks have topped the bestseller lists for almost a decade, bringing in large sums of money for their publishers. Furthermore, it is an intriguing option for readers who are unable to read a book due to their hectic schedules. If you see a fellow human working out or cooking with headphones in their ears, the chances are they are listening to an audiobook rather than music.

The audiobook category is growing by the day, and we can’t possibly listen to everything. We are here to direct you to audiobooks that we believe will provide you with the best experiences, pop-culture value, and something to talk about at your get together.

Audiobooks may be the ideal option. This collection will keep you engaged while driving to work or strolling the streets. There’s never been a better moment to start listening, with A-list performers giving narration and a slew of new renditions of classic favorites.

2022 has released an outstanding collection of titles that combine literature and audiobook narrators to produce something new and interesting. From poetry to memoirs, there is something for readers of all genres. An audiobook narrator will occasionally carry a whole book. 

Let’s look at the top 5 Audiobook of 2022:

The Book of Boundaries, by Melissa Urban: 

Boundaries have just become one of the favorite topics of everyone, so when Urban described herself as “the boundary lady,” You all will be immediately hooked. Urban is also the co-founder of the Whole30 program, although she only mentions it a few times in the book, which we thought was an excellent example of constructing a barrier between writer and listener. Typically, Urban provides green light, yellow light, and red light options of what to say to preserve your borders, so you should probably get a paper copy for future reference. However, she is forthright and no-nonsense.

Tremors in the Blood by Amit Katwala:

Tremors in the Blood, directed by Amit Katwala and narrated by Matt Reeves, chronicles the true story of two murders, one in San Francisco in 1922 and the other in Chicago in 1935, and how they intersect with the invention of the polygraph machine. The novel combines true crime elements, dramatic gunfights, and courtroom drama with science and history to show how the lie detector’s inventors, a rookie officer, a teenage magician, and a visionary police chief, ended up unleashing a force they couldn’t control.

The Cancer Journals By Audre Lorde:

While the print edition of The Cancer Journals was published decades ago, the audiobook edition was only released this year. Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins top audiobook voice artist over delivers Lorde’s pieces with care, knowing when to convey passion or adopt clinical tones in her narration. Lorde’s essays on the treatment of breast cancer survivors represented a watershed point in women’s resistance to the notion that losing one or both breasts made them less of a woman. Lorde’s intersectional approach to the problem highlighted the additional challenges faced by LGBTQ and Black women. Moreover, here is something to know about types of breast cancer.

Win by Harlan Coben:

Fans of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series who already adore the morally grey sidekick Windsor Horne Lockwood III are overjoyed that the maestro of thriller novels has now given Win his own set of spin-off novels. Win’s baggage and a long-lost stolen painting belonging to his family are recovered in the penthouse apartment of a murder victim in this season opener. Win has no idea how they got there, but his personal connection to the case motivates him to conduct his own inquiry, utilizing his own riches and unconventional ideals of justice. Steven Weber, an actor, and regular Coben narrator reads the audiobook.

End of Affair written by Graham Greene:

Graham Greene’s classic novel, set during the Blitz, is a semi-autobiographical depiction of an adulterous man’s jealousy toward his girlfriend. When she ends their affair, he is filled with insecurity and employs a private investigator, fearing she is seeing someone else. It is based in part on Greene’s scandalous romance with Catherine Walston, the wife of a senior Labour MP. This real-life context, along with Greene’s usual talent, results in one of his most highly praised works. It’s beautifully narrated by Colin Firth, who is wonderfully equipped to convey Maurice Bendrix’s inner monologue and woeful pettiness.

These are the top 5 worth listening audiobooks for us. You can check out Voyzapp – it is one of the leading voice over services companies with professional voice actors. If you’re looking for an audiobook voice over artist then we have a pool of 30k+ artists. Listen, select and hire now at an affordable price rate. 


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