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Ultimate Flower Bouquet Ideas for Men

Flowers are loved by all, and who would not agree that they make you feel utterly special always. Another thing about flowers is that they seem to be loved by women, which is true however this is taken to be something only women can have. Flowers actually are for both men and women, they make you feel good, uplift your mood, and help you express your emotions. So why not get flowers for the men in your life? With a florist in jackson heights ny you can find flowers for everyone and every occasion. There is a myth about flowers being a women’s thing but really these simple gestures of sending flowers can bring joy to anyone, any man too deserves all the love, care and pampering. 

Break the stereotypes and get these awesome flowers for the men around you 


We all would agree that sunflowers are the definition of happiness, this summer bloom is majestic and glorious. With its bright yellow color and a black contrast in the center sunflowers are a bold pick. They will definitely bring a smile to the receiver’s face, these are also a great pick when it comes to expressing your feelings as they represent confidence, joy, intelligence and good wishes. 


Another popular flower that blooms during summer, Dahlias come in various colors and even two tones. This flower is another big one with a rounded bloom and symmetrical petals all over. Dahlias are known to represent love, devotion,beauty and dignity. Another great thing about dahlias is that they come in black color. Now with Flower Delivery Near Jackson Heights, NY you can order flowers and send them around. 

Birds of paradise

An exotic flower that is native to South Africa and sometimes can be spotted in flower shops around you, birds of paradise, does look like a bird, when you look at it you would be able to notice the petals which look like a bird’s head and its beak. These flowers come in colors yellow and green. You can go with a bunch of birds of paradise and arrange them in a symmetrical formation. 


A lovely flower that is pretty different from the others on this list, hydrangeas are a rather sweet and simple flower with a wonderful shape. Hydrangeas are some in soft shades of pink, white, blue, purple and green. These flowers symbolize grace, gratitude, and beauty. With every color the meaning of the flower changes with color, blue hydrangeas represent understanding and also apology, white ones symbolize purity, and vanity with purple meaning is pride and royalty. 


Another great flower that you can go with is Orchid,  some species of this flower have a tiny pattern all over it while others come in solid colors. When it comes to flowers specifically for men you can go with the white  shade.  This might seem like a rather delicate flower but orchids hold up really well. Apart from white you will find them in some gorgeous colors like purple, orange, yellow and green. With smooth petals and an interesting center which is greatly detailed. This flower looks pretty magical. You can easily create an elegant bouquet with orchids.  read also Romantic flowers Bouquet Ideas 

Actually, You can go with any flower out there no matter which one or what color it may be. However these ones in particular are great to begin with. These flowers are easy to get at ultima florist in jackson heights or you can also order online with them. Every flower has its own unique character, and the vibe of these ones gels in smoothly when it comes to flowers for men. 


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