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What is Hair Botox exactly? Is it safe?

Hair Botox might sound similar to general botox treatment but trust me it is a whole different thing. The confusion in most cases leaves many people in a dilemma to make decisions whether to use hair Botox or not.

Well, we have prepared this article to help you get a better understanding of hair Botox and clear all the misconceptions and the negative image about it that might be stopping you from trying it.

What is Hair Botox?

Just like aforementioned, unlike the general botox for skin treatment to remove wrinkles and fine lines, hair Botox is very different. Most people know that Botox is an injection that contains botulinum toxin that is used to smooth the wrinkles of skin.

To clear the misconception, hair Botox is unrelated to Botox only that it provides elasticity to your just like it does on the skin. Hair Botox hence provides deep conditioning and coats the hair with fillers like keratin, filling in broken spots.

Once this is done then your hair becomes more fuller, thicker and even smoother.

How safe is Hair Botox

Hair Botox is among the top safest and effective hair treatments worldwide. The procedure is however prone to side effects in some cases. This is because it is a chemical based treatment and might cause irritations to the scalp. These discomforts can occur during the treatment or even after the treatment but they do not last forever.

Are Needles used to apply the product?

The answer is simply NO.  However some brands use fake ‘needles’ to apply the product on hair but that is very wrong and actually disapproved by the United States Food And Drugs Administration.

Is Hair Botox for specific hairs only?

No, hair Botox procedure can be done on any type of hair as far as you are ready to to get a more shiny and thicker hair. This procedure is also very good to those people who have damaged hair and would like to strengthen them.

What are the benefits of hair Botox

Hair Botox will reduce stringy hair to people who tend to sweat a lot.

Botox helps treat split-ends 

Hair Botox give you hair a more shiny and less frizz look

The procedure can also help treat hair damage due to color.

Hair Botox will help dehydrated hair 

It strengthens and adds extra volume to your hair.

Hair Botox helps to repair the broken and damaged hair strands.

How long will hair Botox last?

According to haircare professionals, Hair Botox is semi permanent. This means that it can last up to two to four months depending how often you wash your hair.

The haircare professionals further state that if you want your treatment to last for a long time, then you should start using a hair mask. This helps to maintain moisture and smoothness.

What are Hair Botox demerits

Using hair Botox more than thrice a year can cause severe damage to your hair follicles and lead to hair thinning. 

Using the treatment many times in a year can also lead to dry and dull hair strands due to lack of moisture.

It can also be a waste of time and money in a case where the treatment fails to work on you because it is not a guarantee that it will work on everyone.

It can discolor your hair: You have to know that your hair tone can vary slightly, towards a lighter one. It is not that it is a radical change, but it will notice a softer color than you usually wear.

Hair Botox and Keratin: What’s the Difference?

Typically, people think about hair when thinking of cosmetic procedures. People have many different hair colors and styles. For example, blondes outnumber brunettes three to one in America. However, not all hair is the same- some people have hair on their head, arms and legs. Some have hair on their bodies, such as on their face or body or in their chest or back. There are also different kinds of hair, such as eyebrows and eyelashes. Hair plays a major role in human society. Because of this, many people have questions about how to repair damaged hair and how to grow hair naturally. Some people want help with cosmetic procedures like hair botox and keratin, which involve injecting chemicals into the hair follicle to correct poor hair condition or to promote healthy new growth. According to recent studies, botox works well on thinning hair and keratin works well on patchy hair growth.

Both botox and keratin work by paralyzing the muscles around the hair follicle. This prevents new hairs from growing and makes existing hairs appear more healthy by strengthening their roots. Furthermore, both treatments can make fine hairs thicker by strengthening their ends. As you may know, fine hairs fall out easily due to aging or cosmetic procedures. Both treatments prevent fine hairs from being weakened by causing weakening of the muscles that cause unwanted hair growth. Despite these similarities, there are some key differences between botox for the hair and keratin for the hair.

Keratin is derived from the protein layer of animal horns; thus it is also known as ‘pigment.’ Botox is derived from a toxin; thus it is also known as ‘oxin.’ Although the ends of your hair may not show any changes from either, your hair will look healthier from keratin. Keratin tends to darken with age like a man’s beard, whereas botox has no visible side effects but has minimal results; thus it’s recommended to have both treatments at around the same age to get the best results possible without compromising one’s appearance.

Both treatments have their advantages- botox for the hair tends to be more expensive because it paralyzes all the muscles in your hairs whereas keratin costs less because it only weakens certain hairs causing strengthening of your roots. Both treatments can cause temporary skin flushing; however, keratin causes this effect much more so than botox does- resulting in redness and peeling skin due to excessive blood flow being redirected to your scalp while you’re recovering from treatment. Ultimately, there are many pros and cons to using either botox or keratin for hair growth since they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Hairs on your head can get damaged due to age or stress; both botox and keratin treat this condition by paralyzing the muscles that cause unwanted hair growth. However, there are some differences between these treatments since botox targets fine hairs whereas keratin only weakens certain hairs that strengthen your roots. Because of this, anyone who wants help with cosmetic procedures should discuss their options with a doctor so they can make informed decisions about how to repair damaged hair or how to grow new healthy strands of hair naturally.


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